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Avatars are graphic icons (sized 48 by 48 pixels) which are displayed on a TerrePets Resident's profile and next to the Resident's display name when posting a message in the Plaza's forum. You can change your avatar by going to My Account and selecting the Avatar tab.

Standard Avatars

There are 10 default avatars which are provided to players automatically, and they are as follows:

Standard avatar 1.png Standard avatar 2.png Standard avatar 3.png Standard avatar 4.png Standard avatar 5.png Standard avatar 6.png Standard avatar 7.png Standard avatar 8.png Standard avatar 9.png Standard avatar 10.png

Custom Avatars

For a price of 500 Favor, you can upload your own avatar. To do this, go to Favor and select the Custom Avatar tab. Upon upload, you agree that you have the right to use the specified image and that you are giving TerrePets the right to use the image within the TerrePets site.

For a list containing all currently uploaded custom avatars, see List of Custom Avatars.