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Basic needs refers to those fundamental requirements that serve as the foundation for a pet's survival and progression. Pets have 5 basic needs: Energy, Food, Safety, Love, and Esteem.


Energy slowly decreases when performing hourly actions. If a pet is low on energy, it will go to sleep on its own as a hourly action. Tiredness is displayed with the following messages:

  Tiredness   Energy
is wide awake
is tired
is very tired
is exhausted
0% (unverified)

Pets can replenish their energy by sleeping or by eating Coffee. Pets can not die from tiredness.

Energy level

Main article: Stats#Energy Level

The energy level is a hidden quasi-stat that defines the pet's maximum number of energy. This stat is increased by some of the pet's secondary stats.


Food is a basic need that can be satisfied by feeding the pet edible items. Every time a house hour is ran, the food store of all awake pets in the house goes down by 1 food hour (unverified). Hunger is displayed with the following messages:

  Hunger   Pet's food store
is stuffed
90% or more full (unverified)
is full
76% or more full (unverified)
is hungry
6 hours before the pet's food store drains completely (unverified)
is very hungry
is starving
0% or less full (unverified)

Pets can not die from hunger.


Pets can be fed manually by selecting edible items in your house, choosing a pet and then clicking on the Feed to button.

A hungry pet will eat on its own during hourly actions, choosing edible items from unlocked rooms of the house at random. This action yields no experience points for any of the pet's stats.

Food hour values

All edible items reduce hunger by a fixed number of points. For example, a 3-leaf Clover will always reduce hunger by 1 food hour, and an Orange will always reduce hunger by 9 food hours.

The precise food hour values aren't visible in-game. Instead, players will see meal sizes relative to their pet's stomach size:

  Meal size   Food hour value
Too much
100% or more of pet's stomach size
A full meal
A light meal
A snack

Any meal size marked as "too much" will usually contain an excess number of food hours that will go to waste when fed to the pet.

Stomach size

Main article: Stats#Stomach Size

The stomach size is hidden quasi-stat that defines the maximum number of food hours the pet can store. The base level of this stat is (unknown value) hours. This is further increased by some of the pet's secondary stats.

A larger stomach size allows a pet to consume larger edible items while wasting less food hours.


Safety comes from the pet's environment (aka the items in the house).


Love comes from other Residents or pets.


Esteem comes from the pet's actions.