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bottle-bc0ebb018f01fcc638a966b288feac01.png Bottle

Category Craft/Glass
Size / Weight ? / ?
GV 63
Icon 2.png Equipment
Bonus + Fishing (minor)
+ Gathering (minor)
Durability Cardboard-like
Icon 3.png Recyclable
Recoverable Glass (0-1)
A simple bottle made of Glass. I bet you could hold so many different things in it!

Bottle is a thieved and crafted item. It can be equipped for a minor bonus to gathering and fishing. A pet can use it to gather a Bottled Fairy.



Main article: Location
Action   Location   Requirements
Calendar.png Mar 25 - ?
Master thief.png Level: ?
Calendar.png May 7 - May 11?
Master thief.png Level: ?


Main article: Crafting
Action   Materials   Requirements
Calendar.png Every day
Master crafter.png Level: ?


Conditional Collectables

If a pet is equipped with a Bottle, they are able to gather a Bottled Fairy from a Fairy Fountain. If the gathering action succeeds, the Bottle will disappear and the Bottled Fairy will be dropped in your house.

Action   Location   Requirements Item
Equipped: Bottle
Calendar.png Every day
Master gatherer.png Level: ?


May 4, 2016:

  • Icon updated.

unknown date:

  • Icon added.

unknown date: added

  • Gamesell value: 63.
  • No icon.