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A bug is a minor or major error within the game which causes deviations from intended behaviour.

Reporting bugs

You can reports bugs by posting on the Plaza's Error Reporting section, by emailing terrepets@gmail.com, or by sending Onyx a personal message in-game.

Reporting a previously unknown bug will earn you 500 money and the bug_squasher-b4c396d059163c53d8d20ae1197bcbeb.png Bug Squasher badge. This badge is manually given by Onyx, which means you need to inform her if she forgets to award you one.

Existing bugs

Note to editors: Bugs should only be added to the list if they can be verified by Onyx or multiple players. Any observed sequence of events that does not match what official sources state should happen is considered a bug.




  • Topics are still created when post creation fails (mostly due to invalid characters).
  • Long display names are hidden underneath Plaza posts.
  • Starring a post causes the star-purchasing link to disappear temporarily.
  • Long topic titles break the plaza interface.


  • terrepets.com produces different cache of login than www.terrepets.com.
  • Some page titles display Terrepets instead of TerrePets.
  • The Recycling center's description is missing a piece of text.
  • User's Trading Post trades remain in-game after the user is deleted.
  • The TerrePets Wiki's string functions and parser functions aren't working.