Diving Helmet

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diving_helmet.png Diving Helmet

Category Tool/Swimming
Size / Weight ? (edit)
GV 409
Icon 2.png Equipment
Bonus + Fishing (major)
Athletics (minor)
Dexterity (minor)
Durability Metal-like
Icon 3.png Recyclable
Recoverable Copper (2)
Glass (1)

Diving Helmet is an item. It can be equipped for a major bonus to fishing and minor penalties to athletics and dexterity.


Main article: crafting
Action   Materials Requirements

copper-729a582e61563a294d6ebeb5c2368c1e.png Copper (x5)

glass-6623e54c0e60a0b1831171a291300bf2.png Glass (x2)
Calendar.png All-year
Master crafter.png Level: ?


June 11, 2016‎: added

  • Item GV: 409.