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Special events are temporary occasions that tend to closely follow some real world celebration. During these events, players are able to complete quests and/or obtain event-exclusive items.

Recurring events

All times are UTC:

Event Introduced Annual start date Notes
St. Patrick's Day ? (edit) 03/16 March 16
April Fools' Day ? (edit) 04/01 April 1
Pi Day 2017 03/14 March 14 Solve the puzzle to obtain a Pi Pie.
Ostara 2015 03/19 March 19 Pets have a chance to hide chocolate eggs in random Plaza posts when house hours are ran. Event-exclusive items: Chocolate Egg.
Tau Day ? (edit) 06/28 June 28 Solve the puzzle to obtain a Tau Tart.
Halloween 2014 10/25 October 25 Ghosts will randomly spawn in the Pattern. Event-exclusive items: Jack-o-Lantern.
TerrePets' Birthday 2014 02/01 February 1 Event-exclusive items: Slice of Birthday Cake.
Valentine's Day 2014 02/14 February 14 Event-exclusive items: Candy Heart.

Player-organized events

Annual player-events

These events were organized by the same group and held more than once.

  • Secret Santa