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  • How do I rearrange my pets?

You can't yet.

  • Can pets die?

They do not currently die, but I do plan to implement this in the future. There will, of course, be ample warning when I do implement it. Right now they just get to "starving" and aren't very productive as they're constantly hungry and looking for food.

  • Do we have a total number of items we can have in our house yet?

Nope, it's unlimited right now.

  • Is there a cap on how high level a pet can get?

There is a cap to the field in the database that holds levels, but it's super high. I don't think anyone will ever reach it xD As pets get higher and higher level, it gets harder and harder for them to get enough experience to level up, so it's doubtful that someone will reach the upper limit. If someone ever reaches that limit, I'll up the fields in the database ^.^

There is a button for selling items back to the game and you get the value of the item in money. This is a good way to make a little bit of money while you're still young. Just sell off the items that aren't of any use to you. Beyond that, your allowance should help you keep your pets fed until they get better.

  • How do I recycle crafted objects?

You click the services tab. Then click Recycling. Choose what you want to recycle. Then scroll down and click Recycle.

  • My pets bring home a lot of stuff, but they never try to craft anything. Is there any way for me to 'tell them' to craft?

What a pet decides to do is based on how much experience it has in its skills and traits combined with the equipment it's holding. So to encourage them to craft you could equip them with something like a Bone Needle, but depending on how high level they are their skills might outweigh the equipment's bonus.

  • How do my pets decide where to go exploring?

Beyond being job specific, locations have a level of difficulty also. So as your pet grows, you'll find it going to different locations, harder locations. And as your pet grows, it'll move away from going to the lower level locations it once went to. As your pets level up they will travel to higher level locations which will allow them to find more items and more expensive/rarer items. A pet will eventually master their skill by successfully gathering/thieving/etc. a rare item from the highest level location available. Once a pet masters a skill, it can be reincarnated.

You get karma, which you will get cool things for later. Pets get to start anew in a new profession, aiding things like getting pet badges. Reincarnation history is on a pet's profile, so it is the same pet. The pet keeps all its badges. Some items can only be gotten at lower levels. At some point in the near future you can choose a new standard graphic for your pet, without needing favor. Maybe, if we get limited graphics, you could choose a limited graphic also. Your pet will indeed lose all skill points and stats points, starting anew, but I want to code in so that you can specify what your pet will begin with (sort of) so you can help guide it to a new profession. Someday in the further future, reincarnated pets will get other bonus things, like innate skills and equipment only reincarnated pets can equip.