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Halloween is a special event that occurs annually from October 27 to October 31, to coincide with the October 31 celebration of Halloween.

Seasonal Items


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The following items can only be crafted during the event.

Action   Materials Reqs. Result
Master crafter.png
Master crafter.png ?


Two Pattern Ghosts as they appear on the Pattern.
Two Pattern Ghosts as they appear on the Pattern.

Pattern Ghosts

During the event, Pattern Ghosts randomly spawn in the Pattern on existing paths, demanding a random item in exchange for a random reward. The ghosts are marked with the letter 'G', and they disappear after the trade. Helping 20 ghosts will grant you the ghost_whisperer-db0ba58914ab94316a11725a73e11d92.png Ghost Whisperer badge. The ghosts are not visible on the Pattern overview. All ghosts will disappear as soon as the event ends.

As you move through the Pattern, your eyes catch movement in the shadows along the wall. As you watch the shadows, a dark, ghostly figure solidifies and moves towards you. As it approaches, you hear a whisper being carried on the winds... "Traveler... I seek your help... I seek freedom.... Trapped... I wander... no escape.... Help me! ... I need Rusty Nails to free myself ... "

Give the ghost what he needs.

You hear on a whisper once more... "Thank you... take this..." The ghost fades back into the shadows, leaving behind Candy Apple.
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