Leaf Charm Necklace

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leaf_charm_necklace-aaa369001594dd7f1dc5e8e82cdc8b44.png Leaf Charm Necklace

Category Jewelry
Size / Weight ? (edit)
GV 5
Icon 2.png Equipment
Bonus + Gathering (minor)
+ Lumberjacking (minor)
Durability Paper-like
Icon 3.png Recyclable
Recoverable Green Leaf (0-1)
A necklace with a leaf charm

Leaf Charm Necklace is an crafted item. It can be equipped for a minor bonus to gathering and lumberjacking.



Main article: Crafting
Action   Materials   Requirements
Calendar.png Every day
Master crafter.png Level: ? (edit)



March 9, 2014‎:

  • Is now a paper-like equipment.
    • Bonus: gathering (minor), lumberjacking (minor).

February 10, 2014‎:

  • Is now recyclable.

February 3, 2014‎: added