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Money is the main currency in TerrePets. They can be earned through daily allowance, gameselling items, and trading with other players. Money's primary use is to trade with other players. It has no size or weight, meaning a resident can carry millions of money as easily as he can carry ten.

Money can be stored in the Bank.



Every resident receives an allowance of 138 money for every 24th house hour ran. This amount is fixed and cannot be increased or reduced.


Gameselling is the act of selling items to the game. Items can be gamesold by first selecting the items and then clicking on the Gamesell button. Once an item is gamesold, it is lost forever.

For a complete list of items sorted by their gamesell values, see list of items.

Gamesell Value

Every item in the game has a gamesell value (also known as GV). This value represents the amount of money you gain by selling the item to the game, and it's generally higher for items that are harder to obtain. If an item has base components, its gamesell value is calculated by adding 20% of the GV sum of the base components. For items that can be prepared, 10% is added instead of 20%. For example, the base components of the Wooden Chair are Wood + Wood. One Wood has a GV of 10. The Wooden Chair is not a prepared item, so 20% is added to its value. To calculate the Wooden Chair's GV: (10 + 10) * 1.2 = 24.

Reporting bugs

Main article: Bug#Reporting bugs

Reporting a previously unknown bug will earn you 500 money. This is given manually by Onyx once the bug has been fixed.


Grocery Store

Money can be used to purchase items from the Grocery Store.

Flea Market

Trading Post


  • The game sometimes uses monies as the plural of money.

See also

  • Favor, the secondary currency.