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The Pet Shelter is a service that allows you to disown your pets or adopt a new one.

Pet adoption

To adopt a pet, select one of the available pets in the Pet Shelter and click on the Adopt Pet button.

A Resident is only allowed to adopt one pet every 24 hours, and is limited to owning 12 pets. Adoption costs 504 money.

Pet abandonment

To abandon your pet, go to the Give Up a Pet tab, select all the pets that you wish to disown and click on the Give Up Pet button. Once abandoned, the pet can be adopted by any Resident.

Abandoned pets are supposed to drop their equipment back to your house. However, this is currently bugged and the pet will continue to hold on to any equipped item.

Pet renaming

The Pet Shelter allows you to rename your pets at a cost of 125 money per rename. Players are allowed to rename their pets as many times as they want.

Randomly generated pets

Every day at 04:00 (GMT), the game deletes unadopted pets who have been left in the Pet Shelter for 7 days. During the same time, the game generates brand new pets into the Pet Shelter as long as there are less than 10 pets available for adoption. For example, if there are 8 pets after the deletion, the shelter will generate 2 more.

The generated pets have random graphic, sex, name and stats. The pets are always level 3 with 1 stat point distributed in a random primary stat and 2 stat points distributed in random secondary stats. The pet's name is always linked to its sex, e.g. the game will never generate a female Zeus.

For a list containing all default pet names, see List of default pet names.


  • Adopting a pet costs 504 money because buying an Orange from the Grocery Store costs 27 money, and it costs 504 money to keep a pet fed for a week with only Oranges. An Orange provides nutrition for 9 hours, so the hourly cost is 27 ÷ 9 = 3 money per hour. To calculate a week's feeding cost: 3 (money per hour) * 24 (hours in a day) * 7 (days a week) = 504.