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Pets are creatures that live in the houses of Residents. They perform hourly actions and interact with the items in the house when house hours are ran.

Basic Needs

Main article: Basic Needs


All pets have graphics (sized 48 by 48 pixels). Pet graphics are entirely aesthetic and don't affect the pet's abilities in any way. (ex: a small pet graphic does not mean the pet will be small, wings do not mean the pet will fly, etc.)

Randomly generated pets use standard pet graphics, and players have the option to upload brand new custom graphics into the game.


There are 15 standard pet graphics in the game.

Wyvern 1.png Wyvern 2.png Raccoon 1.png Raccoon 2.png Cat 1.png Cat 2.png Squirrel 1.png Unisquirrel.png
Bird 1.png Sooty.png Dinosaur.png Jackalope.png Honey Badger 1.png Dolphin Gray.png Dolphin Blue.png

A standard pet graphic can be changed into another standard pet graphic of your choice via reincarnating or by using 50 Favor.


Custom Pet Graphic is a Favor service that allows users to upload and use their own graphics. It costs 500 Favor to change a standard pet graphic into a custom pet graphic. Note that this change is permanent; a custom pet graphic cannot be changed back into a standard pet graphic or another custom pet graphic.

For an unofficial list of uploaded custom pet graphics, see List of custom pets.


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