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A recipe is a set of items that players can combine to create a meal. Some recipes create multiple items, and some meals have multiple different recipes.


Preparing is the act of following one of the existing recipes to create a meal. To prepare a meal, select the correct items in your house and click on the Prepare button. If an invalid combination of items are selected, an error pops up and none of the ingredients are lost.

You can create multiple meals of the same recipe by multiplying all the ingredients. You must use the exact number of ingredients required for the number of meals you wish to prepare. For example, to prepare 6 Apple Ciders you must select exactly 12 Apples.


All recipes are hidden in-game and must be discovered by players through trial and error. Sometimes ingredients can be substituted. For example, Fish Stew can be prepared with either Fish or three Minnows, so technically there are two different recipes for Fish Stew. So far recipes for 38 different meals have been discovered. For an alphabetical list of meals that can be prepared, see Category:Recipe.

The in-game statistics page displays the total number of recipes in the game.