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Reincarnation, added on August 2014, is a game mechanic whereby you cause your current pet to die and begin life again as a new pet. Reincarnation allows the owner to have control over the pet's first few stats, its graphic and gender. Reincarnation is the only way to obtain Karma, an untradeable currency.

You can reincarnate your pet as many times as you like. Beyond the basic requirements of reincarnating, when and how many times you do this is completely up to you and depends on your goals and play style.

If you choose to reincarnate your pet, some information regarding its past life will be recorded in its pet profile.



Only pets that have mastered a profession are able to reincarnate. To prove a pet has mastered their trade, the pet must complete the highest level feat, which varies by the pet's trade:

The cooking profession cannot currently be mastered.

After mastering a profession, the pet gains a yin yang symbol yinyang-901094dad989019ee85461f65206f6fd.png beside their graphic to show that they are ready to be reincarnated. The player can click the icon to access the reincarnation page.


When your pet reincarnates, it will KEEP:

  • Its name.
  • Its Custom Pet Graphic, if it has one.
  • Its pet badges.
  • Its basic needs (e.g. a starving pet will remain starving after reincarnation.)
  • Its house hour logs.
  • Profile information about its previous life (pet graphic, birthdate, reincarnation date, and mastered professions).

When your pet reincarnates, it will LOSE:

  • Its birthdate, which will be reset to the date of reincarnation.
  • Its stats and experience points.
  • Its equipped tool, which will be dropped in your house.

When your pet reincarnates, you can CHOOSE:

  • Its new appearance, which can be chosen from any of the Basic Pet Graphics, unless the pet already has a Custom Pet Graphic.
  • Its initial four stats: 1 physical trait (Strength, Dexterity or Toughness), 1 mental trait (Intelligence, Perception or Wits) and 2 different skills (any of the primary stats or Athletics).
  • Its gender.

When your pet reincarnates, you GAIN:

  • +1 Karma for each of the pet's mastered trades.