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=== Other ===
=== Other ===
* mall chance to obtain one by reading a [[Food-Summoning Scroll]].
* Small chance to obtain one by reading a [[Food-Summoning Scroll]].
[[Category:Item]][[Category:Edible item]][[Category:Recipe]]
[[Category:Item]][[Category:Edible item]][[Category:Recipe]]

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tekkamaki-9d18fe77edbbc2a4dcb17bf1f5bbbfe7.png Tekkamaki

Category Food/Prepared/Sushi
Size / Weight  ? / ?
GV 24
Icon 1.png Edible
Food  ?
Safety  ?
Love  ?
Esteem  ?
Sushi rolls made with tuna!

Tekkamaki is an edible item.



Main article: Recipes
  Ingredients Result

rice-01aad760b68117e1a540f31bb93579e7.png Rice

seaweed-09d8a29b8c8661a89f59445da86d5a9e.png Seaweed

fish-2c6237aba3cbb9a821f0da89777d3fb2.png Fish   OR   minnow-492e542616bf8133f205bb0619d3862f.png Minnow (x3)
Tekkamaki (x3)